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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

You remember way back when and you’d visit your grandmother's house and she’d have this horrific floral wallpaper? Or even watching early on movies where the wallpaper was just way too much going on at one time?

Here's an example:

LOL exactly lol a bit nostalgic huh?

Well, gone are the days of the ‘way too much going on’ wallpaper patterns. We welcome you to a more posh, lux, and classy way to make your wall a statement and conversation piece! Wallpaper and tile doesn’t have to look as if you’re stuck in a “Back to the Future” movie, they both have been reinvented as essential art forms in a home adding texture and color. Now, you definitely do not have to have either in order to have a chic, comfortable home. Paint can do the job of making your home just as beautiful.

However, if you want to step up and step out and be a bit more bold; then the perfect wallpaper and amazing looking tile can do the job! And get this…tile and wallpaper don’t have to necessarily go in certain assigned areas of your home, they can go anywhere! Ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, accent walls throughout, practically anywhere that you see a need! Gone are the days of ‘it can only go here’ lol the options are endless!

In this home we took a plain solid painted kitchen and amped it up for a more open, inviting, yet luxurious feel. We added a mirrored subway tile backsplash; this not only opened up the kitchen space making it appear larger, but it also added a level of class to it that the solid gray paint just wasn’t doing for the intimate space. This upgrade was quite affordable for both product and installation. You can find where to purchase this specific mirrored tile

You see how the light reflects so well now in this space? Its so much more bright in here that it looks as if we switched out the granite countertops (we didn’t lol). Its pretty amazing what such a small feature can do to a space.

Next we have a couple of wallpapers that we did in this particular home. We changed out the plain solid gray walls in the sitting area and the dreary tan walls in the bathroom for a more romantic, shabby chic and rustic feel. You can find these two wallpapers here: Murals Wallpaper- Dark Floral or Murals Wallpaper-Rose Mist.

Amazing Right?! Look at those realistic looking roses! My gosh my girly emotions are all out of whack in bliss right now! It just makes me so happy looking at it lol (we warned you of our obsessions lol)

Ok, on to the bathroom! Here’s the before and after (hope you are just as anxious as we are right now) drum roll please…

Take a peek and possibly even purchase some and see just how much you can liven up your living space and make it essentially yours! Here are a few photos found on Pinterest:

We hope you enjoyed our take on tiles and wallpapers! Stay tuned to our next blog! Have a great day!

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