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Welcome to 7lux essentials blog!


Well hello there! We are Celeste and Kadija, creators of this here blog and Owners of 7 Lux Essentials Interior Design Company!

We wanted to welcome you to our world of everything LUX! Be it affordable or slightly expensive we are here to show you that whether on a budget or not that you can live luxurious too! We are two friends that share unique sensibilities and a passion for interior design elements, to say we are obsessed with interior design is a definite understatement lol

We LIVE, EAT, and BREATHE this amazingly fun and creative profession and we’d like to share it with you.

We started this blog to share with you all the key essentials, ideas, inspirations, trends and beauty of the love we share for design.

So, come along, take your time, peruse around a little bit and lets all get lost in the world of all things design!

Essentially Yours,

Celeste & Kadija

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